We All Eat Together

We All Eat Together

Well I am winding down on my sabbatical. Technically it’s done.  I mean the Spring 2018 semester is over and I’m scheduled to go back in the fall semester, which for us really means August. But I went back for a few things already and have started thinking about my classes even though they are a few months away.  

But I have not gotten back into a rhythm. All my travels and inconsistent schedule have left me tired. I mean I am still finishing up some work but I’m not nearly as busy as I usually am and it’s as though the end of the year has crashed on me as it usually does, finishing up some work, managing the boards I’m on, trying to just adjust with the weather that can’t seem to make up its mind all the while trying to manage my asthma and allergies. 

The one routine we had gotten into in my house is the morning is that we’d all eat together. I’d get up, write, workout and then we’d all eat together. Me, the fish and the dogs; which was a natural lead right into mediation.  Sometimes I’d take a yoga class and when I got back we’d all eat together. But that hasn’t happened as of yet. It’s just chaos. 

The dogs seem to be off and getting up at 5:30am – yes 5:30 – sometimes even earlier. Breaking my last hour or so of sleep, they demand to be fed, whining until I can’t take it anymore. Then I quickly take them out exhausted. No routine, no workout, and then sometime a few hours later my fish eat; and then I realize I need to eat.  We all seem to be off. 

It got me to thinking about this – how do I maintain this seemingly important routine that feeds not only my soul buy my household when I go back to work? So I leave myself thinking about this.  #wealleattogether